The biodiversity heritage of our territory offers products of enormous quality. The culinary art consists in making these ingredients interact, as if they were a music of taste choir, a symphony of sensations. For example, a glass of the right wine can enhance the taste of a dish and elevate it to an experience that fully involves the senses.

Everybody knows that there are suitable wines, specific for the various types of food, in the same way the EVO oil, which is present in every dish, has peculiar characteristics that accompany the type of dish, with a huge difference in the final result.

How to learn tocombine oil and food ? Here are the two essential rules.

Distinguishing the taste in the dish.

Taste, scientifically, has souls, specific sensations: sweet, bitter, salty and sour. Depending on where the perception in these sensations goes, there is a more correct oil than others to enhance the taste. A slice of toasted bread is enough to feel the difference between the types of oil, and this is how it is usually tasted.

Choosing how to choose the oil

An excellent EVO oil can be used raw, in fast cooking or in very long cooking procedures. To quickly cook fish and vegetables, an excellent sweet oil, perhaps flavored, is the right choice for a delicious dish. In the case of cooking oil, the oil sweetness is even more important. If, on the other hand, we are talking about legumes, for example, a strong and spicy oil adds a distinctive note.

Oil can be used as a substitute for butter, due to the obvious physical characteristics which we have already talked about; therefore it can bind, emulsify, structure a dish. It also interacts with fat-soluble substances by absorbing their aromas and releasing them during cooking.

If we combine this awareness with an interplay of different textures, we will transform a dish into a high-level experience.

Aria di Mare offers a selection of oils to use for all your dishes: sweet, intense, oil for babies, and aromatic oils.

They can be enclosed in our boxes, to find a place of honour and decorate our kitchens.