Primolio – EVO oil for children

Ideal for weaning

What’s sweeter than a child’s smile?
Only Primolio by Aria di Mare: an extra virgin olive oil, special for babies and children, 100% Italian, particularly suitable for weaning, perfect for the taste of the little ones

Cold extracted and obtained through mechanical processes, Primolio is a delicate blend, generated by the fusion of the best cultivars of Puglia rich in nutrients, vitamins and polyphenols, which has been compared to mother’s milk.
It is defined as “Nutraceutical”, that is healthy food, and Pharmafood, food-drug as it stands out for its high digestibility, hypoallergenicity and anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral healing properties that are so good for the health of our children.

Obtained only and exclusively from olives harvested by hand and grown in Puglia, without the addition of chemical additives, Primolio by Aria di Mare has been specially designed to support mothers in the weaning and nutrition of their children during childhood, exploiting all the benefits and organoleptic properties of our local extra virgin olive oil.

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The olive oil for children is a powerful natural ally. Easy to digest, low in fatty acids and saturated fats, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it is strongly recommended by nutritionists and paediatricians to all mothers during weaning and in childhood. This is because, just like mother’s milk, extra virgin olive oil is characterized by a very high presence of essential fatty acids, thus representing one of the most nutritious and energetic foods found in nature.

If during breastfeeding, fats are the primary source of energy, that is about half of the total calories, during weaning, always adding a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil in the baby food is essential to give them the right amount of good fats, necessary for a balanced and healthy growth of all organic and cognitive functions. Moreover, we will help our children to enjoy less tasty meals with more pleasure, which they don’t even want to try normally.


Why choosing Primolio by Aria di Mare?

Among the countless benefits of introducing extra virgin olive oil into a baby’s diet, starting from 5-6 months of life and throughout childhood, we can mention:


  • the ability to limit gastric acidity;


  • the protective action on the mucous membranes;


  • the ability to contribute to the regular performance of intestinal functions, preventing constipation;


  • support for the development of the nervous system, thanks to the presence of essential fatty acids.

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