The care towards healthy, controlled and balanced nutritional styles is a fundamental educational trend to transmit the concept that we are what we eat: health, in an age of processed, sophisticated and additivated products, starts from a nutrition based on high quality products, processed as little as possible, especially during the first years of childhood. Right from weaning, parents teach their children the rules, the tastes, the balances of what the feeding style will be until adulthood.
There are many schools of thought on what to eat or not, many styles and eating habits, many healthy drifts, very often in continuous change and evolution.

In each of them, extra virgin olive oil is a common feature, an essential ingredient. And not by chance.

FDA , in fact, now considers this fantastic food as a beneficial food, strictly connected to human health, like a supplement or a medicine contributing to prevent and cure possible diseases.

Olive oil benefits

Olive oil is the only lipid of vegetable origin to be composed of 99% “good fats”, that is, monounsaturated fatty acids: oleic, linoleic and linolenic acids. Oleic acid is the fatty acid which as a quality and nutritional benefits, together with vitamins A, D and E and phenols make extra virgin olive oil an excellent super food.

Taking one and a half tablespoons of EVO oil every day can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Scott Gottlieb, FDA Agency head

The action of these fatty acids helps lipid synthesis, decreasing cholesterol and preserving cardiac action and cardiovascular functions. In the long run it helps to reduce the risk of contracting type 2 diabetes (mellitus).

Vitamins are a powerful antioxidant and counteract the presence of free radicals; they also have an anti-rachitic and anti-sterile action.

Oil and allergies

EVO oil is the only vegetable fat that has no contraindications in controlled dietary regimes in the presence of allergies and intolerances. Olive oil can be used raw or cooked, and compared to extracted oils or hydrogenated fats it does not alter, does not burn (it has the highest smoke point of all other fats) and therefore is suitable for seasoning, preserving, frying, cooking in oil.
The only rule to consider is the way it is preserved: no metal, no light and no air.

Which oil to choose for the well-being of our children?

PRIMOLIO – olio per l’infanzia e lo svezzamento

PRIMOLIO by Aria di mare is a blend of Coratina and Ogliarola, which are the varieties richest in polyphenols (anti free radicals and antibacterials). They also act on the flavour, light,delicate, and fruity, which characterizes it and makes it the most suitable for babies. In addition to the aforementioned properties in terms of nutrition, we must not forget the great benefit to the gastrointestinal system, which in children is often a source of problems and discomfort.

PRIMOLIO is the EVO oil we recommend for weaning and for consumption in cases of light and controlled feeding.
The dark bottles protect it from environmental alterations and the smart format allows transport and consumption in such a time as not to alter it.